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    Watch: Crossing the Line 2

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    A new documentary is shining a light on anti-semitism on campuses across North America. The film is produced by Jerusalem U and Step Up For Israel, an international grassroots campaign raising awareness of the growing movement to delegitimize Israel.

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    We are not our own

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    Late last year, a pair of Canadian senators, Larry Campbell and Nancy Ruth, introduced a bill in the Senate with the intention of re-opening the debate over physician-assisted suicide in Parliament. They hope to see a bill—strict safeguards in place—legalizing…Read More→

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    God at work in Iraq

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    Families and children running for their lives from militant jihadists, ISIS, have found another chance at life thanks to Samaritan’s Purse. The aid organization is providing supplies for the displaced families, even Christmas shoeboxes and sharing the Gospel. Now Samaritan’s…Read More→