Arts advocacy charity celebrates four decades

TORONTO, ON—For more than four decades, Imago has provided a "safe haven" for Christians involved in the arts, says executive director, John Franklin.

"Christian artists are sometimes marginalized by the Church because of their art," he says, "and marginalized by the culture because of their faith. Imago helps sustain artists and the voice of faith in Canada's arts community."

This November, the charity celebrated its 40th anniversary with a gala event and reception in the Glenn Gould Studio. Imago was founded by Wilber Sutherland in 1972.It serves to advocate for the arts in Canada through things like promoting artistic projects, sponsoring events and lectures, and providing artists with opportunity to learn, share and network. Imago supported and sponsored projects have included the movie Waterwalker, Motus O Dance Theatre, Ruth Fazal's Oratorio Terezin, and The Word Guild.

Imago also allows artists to come under its umbrella as a registered charity, enabling them to"go out and raise the funds to take their dream to reality."

Going forward, Franklin says, Imago is also focused on engaging faithfully with popular culture in different and creative ways.

He says, "I see a strong future for faith in the arts in Canada."

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