Artist envisions Jesus mending Canada

SARNIA, ON—The fabric of our country is torn and frayed, says artist Rozanne Leystra, and the potential for its healing lies in Jesus' hands.

In one of Leystra's recent paintings, she has depicted her vision for Canada as a damaged flag, lying on Jesus' lap.

"I just see Canada falling apart at the seams," she says. "The fabric of our society is fraying and fading."

Jesus' crucified hands are shown mending it. The thread is red, to signify His blood.

"To me, the painting just represents who Jesus is," she says. "He is very personal. He is very intimate. He's very hands-on. Throughout the Scriptures there is a lot of talk about the hands of God, and Jesus' hands are always involved with His healing work in the Gospels."

Several Christian ministries have expressed an interest in hanging the original painting in their offices. But Leystra is currently considering keeping the original in her family and making prints to sell. She is also considering sending a copy to Parliament Hill.

"In our generation, there is a healing which needs to be done in our land," she adds. "Canada needs the healing unity which can only be found in Jesus. Jesus is the answer for Canada."

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