Tim Hague Sr with Tim Jr.

“Amazing Race Canada” winner sets his sights on child sponsorship

Tim Hague Sr. is putting his newfound fame to work to end poverty in the lives of children around the world.

WINNIPEG, MB—Life after a reality TV show is often as varied as the contestants chosen to participate. Tim Hague Sr., one half of the winning team for the inaugural season of “Amazing Race Canada,” is putting his newfound fame to work to end poverty in the lives of children around the world.

Since winning the inaugural season of the reality show that sees contestants racing around the world to complete various challenges, Hague has become an inspirational speaker for those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease which he was diagnosed with in 2011.

But in July 2014, Hague and his family took a trip to Colombia and visited their Compassion Canada sponsor child of 11 years. There they discovered a new cause to bring to the forefront.

Hague’s sponsor child, Erlys, is now 17 years old and looking forward to pursuing medicine to help her sick brother who suffers from a heart defect. The Hague family was excited to meet her but it was not until dinner one evening when everything changed.

During dinner Erlys learned that Hague had Parkinson’s Disease and confronted Hague about why she was not told. She insisted that news like that was something you shared with your family and the people you love.

Hague says he was mortified. “We learned something brand new that absolutely humbled us in the end. How dare we assume that it is only we who can provide for her?”

Erlys now prays for the Hague family and their journey through Parkinson’s Disease. The letters between them are now more frequent and each one from Erlys—as it has been for the past 11 years—continues to be signed with, “Your Colombian Daughter” and Hague truly believes it.

Hague plans to visit every church in Manitoba sharing his stories and promoting the value of child sponsorship.

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