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All your faith-based election resources in one place

How will you vote in the upcoming federal election?

Haven't made up your mind who you're voting for in the upcoming federal election? ChristianWeek has gathered resources from a variety of faith-based organizations to help you wade through the political chatter leading up to the October 19 federal election.

Campaign Life Coalition
Election resource

A national pro-life organization, Campaign Life Coalition is dedicated to the legal protection of all human life. Abortion, euthanasia, doctor-assisted suicide, cloning, and population control are some of the issues they are concerned about. Their website provides a list of pro-life candidates as well as advice on how you can support one of them.

Canadian Council of Churches
Election resource

The Canadian Council of Churches represents 25 denominations of Anglican, Eastern and Oriental Orthodox, Protestant and Roman Catholic traditions. They are the largest ecumenical body in Canada, representing 85 per cent of Christians in Canada. In collaboration with partner organizations, they have compiled a resource for Canadian voters. The resource offers information on how to think through your election priorities and to go deeper into the issues you are concerned about.

Citizens for Public Justice
Election resource

Acting for justice in Canadian public policy is the mandate of Citizens for Public Justice. A faith-based organization, they offer an Election Bulletin that includes their public justice analysis, as well as policy recommendations and a list of questions you can ask candidates. The bulletin focuses on their priority issues: poverty, climate, refugees, and democracy.

Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
Election resource

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada is an organization dedicated to gathering evangelicals together for ministry and public witness. Their goal is to engage with social issues, enable partnerships, and provide resources and research for Canadian evangelicals. They have compiled a Federal Election Kit to help Christians understand Canadian elections. The kit includes guidelines for church engagement with elections, fact sheets on various causes, and tips for holding an all candidates’ meeting.

Keep Our Land
Election resource

Keep Our Land is a faith-based initiative of the MY Canada Association. The website is designed to equip Canadian citizens with ten simple action points for responsible voting. The website also includes handouts for churches, a list of leadership events, and voting advice.

The United Church of Canada
Election resource

The United Church is the largest Protestant Christian denomination in Canada. They have created a 2015 Federal Election Kit to ensure faith voices are heard in the political process. The kit includes sections on making election connections, recommended websites and questions Christians can ask candidates on issues like aboriginal peoples, climate justice, gender identity and health care.

This year’s federal election campaign will be one of the longest in Canadian history at 78 days; leaving more time for Canadians to get informed and prepared for the October 19 vote.

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