ChristianWeek offers premium advertising with targeted traffic at an affordable rate.

ChristianWeek's fresh, clean web design features larger ad sizes. Your message is prominently displayed to catch viewers' attention. ChristianWeek now offers more ad options so you can specifically target the audience you're after. Whether by location or device, we can help tailor an ad campaign that will reach your audience.

We offer a number of ad sizes based on the Interactive Advertising Bureau
standards to suit your needs. Please note there are often opportunities to
use the same ad size across various screen/device sizes and we'd be happy to
work with you to put together a campaign with your budget.

Download the Media Kit for sizing and demographics.

Career Ads

Christians across Canada are finding jobs in ChristianWeek's Career Forum.
Send us the text, your logo and any images you would like included in the
ad. Options are available in the Media Kit.

Sponsored Features

Experience a new communications opportunity with
ChristianWeek. You have a story to tell. What better place to tell it than
in an award-winning online publication like ChristianWeek? A partnership
with us lets you share your story with a diverse national and international

How it works

As a select ministry partner who already has an affinity with our readers,
you are guaranteed editorial space for well-written, engaging content
highlighting your organization. Ideally this copy is written by you, as we
believe your inside perspective on the work of your ministry to be
invaluable. However, our editorial team is also available to assist.

Why it works

A partnership with ChristianWeek effectively positions your ministry and
attracts the attention of our diverse readership. A solid campaign with
regular frequency and continuity of messaging keeps your organization at the top of our readers¹ minds. It builds trust and encourages action that will strengthen and build your organization¹s support base and attract stakeholders. Guaranteed press coverage reaching a broad Christian audience online‹partnership at its best.

Web / eNewsletter

Contact Brian Koldyk 1.800.263.6695 for details on engaging website and
eNewsletter advertising options tailored to suit your needs.