‘World’s Greatest Atheist’ Has Near-Death Experience and Finds Jesus in Sean Hannity Film

Actors Kevin and Sam Sorbo have teamed up with conservative commentator Sean Hannity to bring “hope” at a time when they say the world desperately needs it.

Hannity joined the husband-and-wife duo in making the new feature film, “Let There Be Light,” a fictional movie about “the world’s greatest atheist,” who “has a near death experience and comes back with a new view on life.”

“We live in a very, very dark world its darker and darker all the time and the anger and frustration,” Kevin Sorbo told “The Billy Hallowell Podcast” on Thursday, saying that the current climate shows that people are desperately “looking for something.”

He added, “There’s so much hate out there.”

Listen to the Sorbos discuss their film — and their take on politics and faith — below:

Sorbo’s wife and co-writer, Sam Sorbo, also explained why she and her husband chose a plot line that centers on an atheist character’s progression through a near-death experience.

“I needed to find something that really shook the faith of an atheist and what I’ve discovered is that atheists have more faith than most Christians,” she said. “They are so devout in their beliefs … I wanted something that was really unquestionable, that was really personal.”

“Let There Be Light” is an effort by the Sorbos and Hannity to infuse a positive and hopeful message into Hollywood, a scandal-ridden industry that has long been accused of pedaling content seen as offensive — or at least not overwhelmingly in line — with faith values.

“The media shapes the culture,” Kevin Sorbo said. “Hollywood’s been reshaping the culture sicnce the 60s.”

Watch the trailer for “Let There Be Light” below:

And Sam Sorbo invoked the popular saying that “politics is downstream from culture,” summarizing the current dynamic as follows: “Politicians are performing a play that’s written by the culture.”

“Let There Be Light” releases in theaters nationwide on Friday, Oct. 27. Find out more about the movie here.

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