Regarding Gaza

An evangelical appeal to government, community

This appeal for peace by the leadership of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) is made on behalf of all those affected by the conflict, both Israeli and Gazan residents alike. May the God who gives peace to all who ask, grant this request to the populations living in Israel and Gaza.

The WEA urges all its members to pray for God's peace to reign in the Holy Land.

The WEA, which represents Christians in Israel as well as in Gaza, has been following with deep concern the events unfolding in Israel and the Gaza Strip. The destruction in Israel and Gaza to lives and material is heart-rending.

We are concerned for our evangelical Christian communities living through this conflict on both sides. We are concerned for all those who will live in the aftermath of this war. We pray for those who have lost loved ones as well as those who have caused lives to be lost. We know that the God who heals and forgives longs to restore and rebuild the broken-hearted. Our prayers are with all.

We appeal to those in leadership to do their utmost to end all hostilities and consequent violence. We appeal to all parties to come before God the giver of life and wisdom who freely gives wisdom to those who ask. We appeal to all decision-makers to listen to the voice of reason within their own ranks and to do their utmost to ensure that what is happening does not repeat itself.

We also call upon the international community to carefully but resolutely respond to the crisis. The feelings on the ground are highly sensitive; it is not a time to blame but to respond with concern for all who are undergoing trauma. We appeal to the international community to work hard to bring an end to the current crisis and make every effort to remove all the causes of this conflict.

It is hard to imagine that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be resolved at all. We understand it is extremely complex and requires a lot of work to build up trust and political will on all sides. However, we dare to dream together of a Middle East where Jews and Arabs are able to enjoy life side by side in peace.

The God who is near wants to bless the Jewish people but not at the expense of the Arab people, and He wants to bless the Arab people but not at the expense of the Jewish people.

We all call Abraham, the friend of God, also the father of our faith. For his sake and the sake of our God, may this conflict raise us up to a place where God pours His love for each person into all our hearts. May this inspire those who make political decisions as well as the families, especially those who have lost loved ones. Let their deaths not be in vain but be the cause of a better world, for the glory of God.

We call on all who are concerned to fast and pray for peace in the Middle East. In addition, we would ask that churches and individual Christians respond generously to the humanitarian disaster created by this conflict.

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