Horizon Unbound is a sailing ship rehab program for young substance abusers. (Photo courtesy Mount Joy College)

Keeping hope alive

Experiential training, both scientific and scriptural for a challenging outreach

“The Lord now chose 72 other disciples and sent them…Go and remember I am sending you…As you heal the sick, say the Kingdom of God is near you now” (Luke 10:1,3,9).

VICTORIA, BC—There is an urgent need to treat damages felt by people traumatized by abortion and childhood mistreatment. This is one of the most important driving desires behind the Hope Alive counselling programs offered at Mount Joy College.

“Mount Joy College trains Christians to help the Lord heal those who are deeply damaged by a combination of childhood mistreatment and abortion. There is also a sea-going program for young people who are struggling with substance abuse,” says Mount Joy College president Dr. Philip Ney. “As Christ taught us, we help heal and gently lead wounded people to His Kingdom.”

“Approximately 60 per cent of Canadians have aborted at least one of their children by the age of 45,” Dr. Ney says. “Most of them were neglected or abused as children. This combination is very dehumanizing and destructive.”

The intensive Hope Alive program trains counsellors between the ages of 20 and 50 to resolve post abuse and post abortion conflicts and to discover the joy of knowing Jesus. After they pass the exam, Mount Joy will help them set up their own practice.

Intensive counsellor – seamanship training equips strong, courageous Christians to help teens overcome drug and alcohol addictions while sailing the three-masted schooner, Horizons Unbound.

Teens between 12 and 15-years-old learn to discover, explore, solo survive and appreciate God’s amazing and beautiful creation along the remote coast of B.C. Together with one parent they learn to know themselves and implement healthy body, mind and spirit activities.

“Don’t wait to be called or for doors to open,” says Dr. Ney, who is a psychiatrist and psychologist. “You have been commanded to love others. This means meeting their medical, psychological and spiritual needs.” Here is a mission with good scientifically proven results. If you see the need, this is a way to serve and honour God. Selected potential crew will be trained without charge while they donate four months of their time. If selected as permanent crew they will make a reasonable salary.

For more information, call (250) 642-1848 or e-mail mtjoycollege@islandnet.com.

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