Part of the unique make-up of the lodge is connecting with regular Tanzanians, not as tourists, but as equals and friends.

Embracing the simple life in Tanzania

Life-changing adventure puts Africa in new perspective

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“Once you get into the home of someone in Tanzania, you find life is different, but similar in a way,” says Darryl Peters, who owns and operates Dashir Lodge with his wife Shirley. “Tanzanian people have an ability to accept people at the first meeting, no strings attached.”

Dashir Lodge, a 30-acre destination resort, is located near Arusha, Tanzania, an area known as a prime tourist destination. The resort features many North American amenities, but also offers visitors a chance to experience the real lives of people living there.

The welcoming atmosphere changes people who spend time at Dashir Lodge, says Peters, which connects visitors not only with the excitement and beauty of Africa, but also the heart of its people.

Part of the unique make-up of the lodge is connecting with regular Tanzanians, not as tourists, but as equals and friends.

“They have simple lives, but they share everything they have,” Peters explains. “It’s something that is hard to explain in Canada. It’s a really moving experience.”

When visitors connect with people from other cultures in a real, authentic way, it opens minds and hearts, Peters says. The cultural exchange takes place on a Tanzanian level; visitors are welcomed into their homes and everyday lives where they feel comfortable.

“That’s the thing you remember,” Peters says. “It has a ripple effect, you come back and see Africa differently. When you think of Africa, you think of the friend who gave you a hot tea in his house.”

“It’s magnetic,” Peters explains. “You come once, and you have to come back. It’s an experience that fills you up with the joy of a deeply lived life.”

Many say in Tanzania time is different, things move more slowly, there is time to really enjoy life and people.

Tanzania is also home to some of the most stunning natural wonders in the world, including the Ngorongoro Crater with its self-contained ecosystem. There is also an enormous variety of animals such as rhinos, hippos, wildebeest, zebras and one of the densest populations of lions in Africa.

Dashir Lodge visitors can also visit the nearby Serengeti, massive grasslands with an abundance of animals.

“On safari, you can never be disappointed,” Peters says.

Another nearby attraction is Mount Kilimanjaro, the top of Africa, which can be seen from the lodge. A total of 5,895 metres above sea level, guided hikes up the mountain take climbers through six climate zones.

Dashir Lodge really offers something for everyone—romance on the beaches of Zanzibar Island, adventure for families on the Serengeti, a life-changing African experience for retirees.

Peters says many Canadians have experienced the true beauty, wonder and love of Tanzania and the African people, while still enjoying the comfort of North American amenities.

And perhaps the best part for Canadians? “No bad weather, and no bugs,” Peters says.

To learn more about Dashir Lodge go here.

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