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    Can you spot an online liar?

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    Finding a suitable mate is a tough proposition. Even Christians are going to bars looking for a life match these days. Internet dating services are flourishing, especially among people in their 20s. Between 2007 and 2012 the online dating industry…Read More→

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    Is man still depraved?

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    We don’t hear a lot about the ‘depravity of man’ in our churches these days. It was a ‘given’ in years past. Simply it means that we were born with a bent towards evil. We have missed the mark and…Read More→

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    One kind word

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    I turned the corner in the grocery aisle the other day and saw an angry mother whack her preschool toddler across the face hard. Not once but three times. The kid was crying. Adults were staring or walking quickly away….Read More→