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    Learning the language

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    How do we think scripturally about contemporary issues facing not only the Canadian Church, but all of Canada? How can Christians make positive contributions to the common good from our relatively new position on the social margins? And how does…Read More→

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    Religions learn to live together

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    How now shall we live together? Though he nowhere poses it, this is the question that renowned sociologist of religion, Peter L. Berger, convened a number of contributors to discuss in his book Between Relativism and Fundamentalism: Religious Resources For…Read More→

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    Examining the middle way

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    Heavenly Participation is the latest offering from the J. I. Packer Chair in Theology at Regent College, Hans Boersma. A more popular version of his technical work, Nouvelle Théologie and Sacramental Ontology: A Return to Mystery (Oxford University Press, 2009),…Read More→

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    A modern confession of the Christian faith

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    Since 9/11, many North American and Western Christians have become aware that Christian involvement in politics is both necessary and complicated. As a result, in our seminaries, we have seen a return to the sources of Christian political thought, especially…Read More→