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    Hold my reservation

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    A student of mine asked me a short while back, “if God has unconditional love for everyone, then how come He sends people to hell?” A very fair question, indeed, and certainly one that can generate plenty of conversation and…Read More→

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    Who am I?

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    Driving home from school each day, I often find myself lost in thought, ruminating on various ideas or events. Sometimes, I will play out conversations in my head, so as to better and more appropriately prepare for upcoming scenarios (such…Read More→

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    God and traffic lights

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    As many motorists would tell you, driving at any time can be extremely challenging. There are speed limits and stop signs to consider and obey, as well as construction and rush-hour traffic that can wreak havoc on road conditions and…Read More→

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    Brushing up on our faith

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    When preparing our son Isaac for bed, it can sometimes be challenging to have him brush his teeth. His younger brother Hugh is much easier to convince. After all, when trying to change a one-year-old’s diaper, I’ve learned the best…Read More→