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    Spirituality without forgiveness

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    “I’m spiritual, but not religious” (SBNR) is the popular slogan of today’s fastest growing religious spiritual movement: the ‘nones’ and ‘does.’ They hold it high as a banner of freedom from the bondage and oppression of religion. To be fair, the…Read More→

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    The cross as conquest

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    For the first thousand years of Christianity, Christ’s victory was the central theme in the preaching of the Cross. This metaphor is found across the New Testament, the church fathers and early Christian worship. Jesus proves himself to be the…Read More→

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    A More Christ-Like God

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    What is God like? Some inherit their image of God via their parents or whatever religion indoctrinated them as children. Children are usually God-aware from an early age. Their first instinct is to know God and they desire to be…Read More→