1. An extraordinary view

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    “There have been some complaints.” The kind usher was caught in the middle and delivered the words with some hesitation. When I realized we were being asked to leave, my throat tightened and hot tears filled my eyes. My heart…Read More→

  2. Spirituality without forgiveness

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    “I’m spiritual, but not religious” (SBNR) is the popular slogan of today’s fastest growing religious spiritual movement: the ‘nones’ and ‘does.’ They hold it high as a banner of freedom from the bondage and oppression of religion. To be fair, the…Read More→

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    In honour of Debra Fieguth

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    In honour of Debra Fieguth, a writer of rare skill, strong passion, broad vision, and Christian commitment. It was a privilege to work with her as partners in the ChristianWeek enterprise. From ChristianWeek colleagues, Harold Jantz, Doug Koop, Brian Koldyk,…Read More→

  4. Disciplism

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    Instead of giving you more theory about the why and the what of discipleship, I’d rather show one of the great benefits that arises from thinking differently (more movementally) about something that we think that we Evangelicals think we already…Read More→