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    5 tips for an ethical wardrobe

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    It can seem impossible to ensure the next addition to your wardrobe isn’t adding to the global misery of sweatshops and child labour. However, as more and more people focus on Fair Trade and start taking the big brands to…Read More→

  2. Hamilton’s new 541 Eatery and Exchange, a not-for-profit restaurant.

    Selling buttons to feed the poor

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    HAMILTON, ON—Buttons have carried advertisements and political messages for more than a century, but at Hamilton’s new 541 Eatery and Exchange, they carry a different message, of kindness and hope. The not-for-profit restaurant, founded by a local group of Christians,…Read More→

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    Global justice ministry finds new leader

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    LONDON, ON—Ed Wilson, the incoming executive director of International Justice Mission Canada, believes the same “indomitable spirit” that drove Canada’s military to victory on D-Day 70 years ago animates most Canadians today to defeat global sex trafficking and slavery. “At…Read More→

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    Immersed in justice

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    For people interested in experiencing social justice issues first-hand, the Anglican Church of Canada’s Justice Camp is the place to be. Held every two years in a different Canadian location, this year’s Justice Camp took place in Edmonton from August…Read More→